Circuit Racers

Play these online racing games and think about the racers that are fearless and make split second decisions. Maybe it is the best feeling in the world to know that you pushed the car beyond the limits. You can become as good as them if you play racing games every day.

Circuit Racers is a game with really cutting edge graphics. The cars look more like spaceships and the environment is a motherboard. I can't think about any game quite like this. At we play car games everyday but never stumbleupon something like this.

The controls are common, just like other racing games. Just press the up key to accelerate the car, left/right to steer and down to brake.

In order to win this racing game you have to overcome all the other racers and cross the finish line in the fastest way possible. I got a cool tip for you: collect the nitro symbols and you will get a speed boost for a few seconds. If you don't bump into the symbols, not only that you loose the bonus, but the other racers will take them.

Another awesome feature in this game is the 5 seconds music loop playing in the background. It's not much but it's beter than to play racing games in silence.

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