Country Racers

Country Racers was released by a while ago and it keeps on getting more and more famous. The best thing of this truck driving game is the fact that you can select your pick-up and customize it as much as you like (as long as you don't break the engine).

After your pick-up truck is ready, the race begins. Compete against 3 other drivers and show them that your skills are better. You can't take the lead from the beginning of the level so you will have to take them down one by one.

If you have a friend or a brother that also likes truck driving games, then it's your lucky day because Country Racers can also be played by 2 drivers. One of you will use the arrows and the other one will use the "W-A-S-D" keys.

If you play the 2 players version, you will notice the other 2 drivers that you will have to beat, in order to complete the level. Each level, the race gets more and more complicated and your driving skills are more and more challenged.

Even if there are better truck driving games than Country Racers, I don't care because this one is just what a game is supposed to be. It has upgrades but not too many, it has racing tracks but only 4 and you can play it with another driver. What else you need from a truck game? Anyway, Enjoy this game and don't let the opponents overtake you! 

If you feel like playing some other truck driving games on, that's fine because I know that you'll always come back to for more car games.