High Gear

There are plenty of car games online, but you've never raced for real, until you win a drifting race. High Gear is an online drift game that is trully worth trying. As a rally driver, you will be able to drift one of the fastest cars in the world: Bugatti Veyron against three other contestants that will also try to pass the finish line on the first place.

High gear is not a complicated game, but because of the gameplay, the graphics and the soundtrack that this cool drifting game has in stock for you, there's a good chance that you'll find it very entertaining. The controls are based on the arrow keys of the keyboard and the track is nicely constructed, so that you can drift your car on many occasions. Beside winning the races available in High Gear, you'll also have to score some good drift points in order to pass the level. If you fail, no worries, you can always try again. And once you are used to the controls of this drift racing game, your score will always get higher that last time and you'll enjoy the race even more.

Further on, the visuals are nice and simple, easy to understand what's out there and the cars look pretty good for an online drifting game. The music is also properly chosen for a racing game, so you'll most likely feel like you're part of a real car race.

As a conclusion to this sideways driving game review, High Gear is a really cool game, worth trying when you have some time to spare and you want to play a quick free car game. If at first you find the car difficult to control or you just don't undesrtand what you have to do, you can always check the instructions. But mainly you have to drive on the racing track, drift on the corners and score some good points. If you enjoy this drift racing game called High Gear, you can always play it again and improve you online driving skils.