Mapamond Journey

Pack your bags because you're about to take a trip around the world. The journey starts in Egypt and continues to China, then Russia and finally: America. The game has 4 levels and each and every one of them takes place in another country. On your vacation there may be some obstacles or bonuses depending on your behaviour. Enjoy!

Mapamond Journey is a car travel game where you get to drive in a series of unique environments, around the globe. It is a side view driving game where the only controls that you need to use are the arrow keys for car control and the mouse, for clicking the buttons. If at some point your car turns upside down, all you have to do is press the left and down arrow keys and the vehicle should return to its normal position. There are lots of obstacles and items spread across the levels, so drive carefully and enjoy the view. 

Unlike other tilty truck games where you get to drive some of the most powerful trucks in the industry, Mapamond Journey features an old little vehicle that, against all odds, manages to travels the world. The first level is set in Egypt, where you'll encounter a few mummies and collect some precious golden scarabs. The second destination of our little explorer car is China. Here you'll meet some ninja characters and gather some sushi and rice boxes. As you continue your trip, you'll find yourself on the big American continent, recognizable by the great Statue of Liberty. And while you're here, you should also try collecting the delicious fries that everyone likes. The last level of this traveling game brings you to big Russia, filled with matrioska puppets.

Mapamond Journey is not just another side view racing game that you can find among the other online car games. It is also a fun and entertaining flash game where you get to see a few of the world's nicest places that you should visit one day. It has a nice and easy game play that everyone can enjoy in their spare time, there are some nice colorful graphics and a great overall atmosphere also set by the happy soundtrack. Unfortunately, there are no achievements or a highest score system. But even so, this exploration trucks driving game is fun to play and it will most likely bring a smile on your face. If you want to play something that will rise your competitive interest, then you should check our long list of cool car racing games and you'll surely find what you're looking for.