Off Road Race

You think that you are smarter than the AI? Prove your skills with our cool truck game called Off-Road Race. In this game you have to become the champion in a cool race. Before your truck is ready to go off-road you have to do some customization to it. Big wheels were fitted and huge bars surround the cabin.

You enjoyed our latest free driving games and you're eager to play an online racing game? We present to you the Off road Race. It is a top view circuit racing game where you get to drive a red monster truck.

At first, you might find the game a bit trivial because there are lots of games on the internet that are very similar to this one. But you shouldn't think about that, just get ready to start the race. If you want to pass to the next level of this monster truck racing game, you'll have to win the race. There's only you and an AI racing against each other, so you should do your best every time. While driving, you should try to stay on the track because if you drive outside the road, your speed will decrease and the opponent will probably win the race.

Off road Race is an online truck racing game where you race against a different car every level. There are 5 levels available and the controls that you'll need to use are only the arrow keys. If you start a race and you feel like you've made a mistake, you can click the reset button and the race will start again.

We hope you had fun playing our latest monster truck top view racing game and we also recommend that you try our other monster truck games.