Pimp My Viper

Pimp My Viper is a new tuning game and like most of the examples so far, this is a fun and simple way to entertain yourself and develop your tuning skills. Do you know why all the tuning games let you put a car part where ever you want? That's because you should know exactly where it goes and how it works. Check out some other tuning games from our side and think about the fact that you should be learning right now. If someone just storms in your room and tells you that, you should tell them that you are learning how to be a better player at tuning games. Of course this will not work for a long time so eventually you will have to learn something else too. You don't want to end up flipping burgers don't ya? If you do how ever become a Mc'Donalds employee, please just remember that I don't want ice in my beverage. Have fun playing out online tuning games kids!