Pro Rodz

This is the newest and the most complex online tuning racing game that came out this week, There is no part on the car that you can't change and no ordinary cars are to be found in this tuning game. There are only supercars and hypercars available. And I'm talking about racing versions of Lamborghini Gallardo, Bugatti Veyron and Porsche 911 Turbo.


When the game starts you have only the Lambo in a standard version. Your first task is to customize the car as good as posible in order to obtain all the available points for this. There is one good reason why this is called a tuning game. There are lots of changes that you can do to the car: you can change the front bumper, the rims, the sideview mirrors and even the tatoos. After you're done with the car tuning part, you will have to adjust the color, from the tuning pannel.

After the customizing is done, your next job is to win the race against an opponent. The first one to go is a BMW M3. He's got a lot of power under the bonnet, 420 brake horsepower but surely he's no match for you. Your Gallardo has got 550 bhp and a lot more torque. But don't get ahead of yourself though, because the key to win this tuning game is to shift gears properly. In the lower part of the screen you will see a rpm gauge and a gear lever. Your speed depends on the gear you are in, and the rpm your engine is developing. Changing gears too early will slow you down and after the needle passes the red zone, the car won't accelerate anymore. You will have to find that sweet spot between an early shift and blowing up your engine.


Because it's a drag race game with two supercars, it's highly recommended that you keep the throttle to the maximum during the entire race. In this game, just like in most of the free online racing games, you can accelerate by pressing the SPACE key and you can shift gears up and down with the arrow keys.

Not anyone can tune a car properly because it is tricky to match up all the car parts together, but once you do it, the reward is a unique modified car. If you follow these rules, the victory is yours and you become the Pro Rodz flash game racing champion. After winning all the races, you don't hesitate to check out our other tuning games.