Taxi Truck 2

This is another cool taxi game with trucks. Your taxi driver is a yellow Hummer Humvee and your mission is to drive the customer to where ever he likes. There are 3 levels and each one takes place in a different city.

The instructions are very simple. All you have to do is to deliver the fare to destination. To accelerate the truck you use the UP arrow key. If you want to brake, handbrake or reverse the monster truck you use DOWN arrow key. The secret to win this kind of car games is to keep the balance with the left and right arrow keys. Use LEFT key to tilt the truck counterclockwise. I think you know how to tilt clockwise so I will skip this one.

Taxi games are awesome and the reason why any other game is worse is you have to drive a black and yellow cab every day.

Do you think you played all the truck driving games there are out there? Maybe you should try this one from another site. 

This game is the sequel to the Taxi Truck and you can find that one on this site in some category. You should check out that game too because some say that it is better than this one. It's a known fact that the sequel is worse than the predecessor but this one never had a chance. They just removed 2 levels and the sound button just to be sure that the rule still applies.