Top Drift

A high powered drift super car is waiting for the most skillful driver to get her engine going and speed her down a tricky race track, controlling it so that is pulls off some breathtaking drifts. Can this drift master be you? Then see if you have what it takes to “tame” this easily sliding baby getting the top drifting game started!

The good news is that the controls in this top speed drift racing game are so easy, so that you can really focus on improving your skills and guiding your supercar on the circuit, paying attention to those tricky curves, for this beauty sure slides like no other. The secret behind those jaw-dropping drifts you can pull off playing the top drifting game is to use the arrow keys to accelerate it, to move it backwards, left and right, controlling it while it reaches incredible speed. Now, you didn’t think that proving your skills as a drift racer was that easy when playing this challenging online truck games, now did you? Expect to have your driving skills tested and exercised to the maximum while you’re putting all the efforts to guide your supercar along the yellow and red marked areas on the circuit. The longer you keep your drift car sliding down those lines, the more points you get to score and the more chances you have to get to the next level and have your drift skills challenged to with other new intricate circuits to race on. Keep one thing in mind though, while you’re perfecting your skills as a drift racer playing this fun drift racing game, your focus should be more on the amazing drifts to be pulled off on the track rather than on the extreme speed you can reach on the circuit.

If spectacular drifts are your major weakness, than Top Drifting is your chance to prove to yourself that you’re a real drift racing star. After you’ve given your very best on this complex, challenging track, burn some rubber on another drift circuit, too, playing the drifting wheels now!