Toy Racers

Play this cool car racing game online for free! All the cars in this game are actually toys and the rest of the game is made out of lego. Start having fun in this huge playground. Do you like Hot Wheels cars? There are many toys waiting for you in this online car game.

You're a fan of free online driving games? Well what do you think about playing a game that combines the online experience with the childish happy feeling of a kid playing with his colorful car toys.

Toy Racers is a silly little flash car game that you'll enjoy even if you're a grown up. The game is very simple: you have to drive carefully until you get near the targeted vehicle, and bump into it. But be careful how you do that, because if you hit it from behind or wait for it to drive into your car, your toy vehicle will take some damage too. But if you hit the target from one side, it will probably die the first time you try to damage it and your car will remain as good as new.

Toy Racers is a free driving game that has only 3 levels, but each one is more difficult than the previous one. As you'll play, you'll see that every level has more targets for you to kill and there are also more hot wheels cars in the traffic. So drive safely, because this car racing game might no be as easy as you thought it would be.

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