Ultimate Drift

Drifting games have now another member on board. Ultimate Drift may be the best one so far. No more shaky cars and poor collisions. Get your seat belt on and slide on a racing track among 4 other supercars.

The reason why they call them supercars is that you can find 4 times more horse power under the bonnet of a Ferrari then in a BMW 3 Series. This kind of power allows your car to drift on the track like a pro. Are you familiar with Ken Block's drifting videos? He uses a modified Ford Mondeo that has a lot of torque.

Don't worry about the tyres, they're not going to blow. Spin your Ferrari and do a drifing burnout right now! This is the sweet thing about drifting games! Nothing bad is going to happen to you.

This is both a sport and art. Some say that drifting games should be in the olympics and they are right. Not anyone can go sideways with a car and it takes a lot of courage and talent to do that.

You can fine some more drifting games on SportGamesArena.com but guarantee that youre going to like them better than this one. Have fun and don't forget to drive safely!