Highway Justice

Step into your police cruiser and make sure justice prevails on the busy city streets - have fun playing Highway Justice.

Justice lays in your hands and in your car racing skills,too, of course! Drive this police car down the highway, playing the Highway Justice car racing game, and chase down law breakers who try to escape your sever justice, taking them off the road and protecting all the other honest citizens from scumbags like them!

Take a close look at the speedy supercar you're just about to drive, scanning this challenging online car racing games, then get ready to receive some other major good news: the games controls are so incredibly easy! They may be easy, but if your reaction times and your driving skills are not good enough, you stand no chance to track down those delinquents and complete all this challenging car racing game's levels ! Use your spacebar to accelerate your police car and your arrow keys to move it left and right, so that it does not damage the other cars engaged in traffic! The extreme speed your super car will reach, when you're playing the Highway Justice car racing game, may be kind of tricky, so do your best to control your car for you wouldn't want a law defender and a skilful ca racer like you to destroy the innocent drivers' cars instead, now would you? A tiny arrow appearing on your screen, near the on-screen police car that you're driving, will let you know when you're approaching a true villain. Get ready to bump into it, have no mercy and don't stop till it does not get off the highway, for he sure is a menace for all the other drivers' lives!

Play the Highway Justice car racing game and make your way through the traffic jam, chasing down convicts who're trying to escape justice! Facing your amazing driving skills, your targets cannot stand even one chance of getting far, far away from you and your justice! If you've grown quite addicted to this type of adrenaline rising car racing games, then have another one: Mad Racers !