3D Urban Madness

You like those 3D car games that everyone's talking about and you haven't played one yet? Then you should definitely start with 3D Urban Madness. It is an online 3D driving game that has good looking supercars, nice game play, realistic graphics and cool sound effects.

3D car games are not just about the game play and the visuals. A whole new dimension is brought to you by these new games: the perspective view that makes the game look more realistic and more enjoyable that the usual ones. 3D Urban Madness is one of the few 3D supercar tuning games that you can find out there, and also one of the coolest.

The game play consists of you driving a sports car both on the city streets and ouside the big town. During the game, you get to drive three types of cars that you receive after each of the first three levels. As for the controls, you only have to use the left and right arrow keys, because the speed of the car wil encrease automaticaly at each checkpoint that you'll come across. In order to pass a level, you'll have to get to the finish line without hitting too many cars or obstacles.

The visuals of this 3D car driving game are also very appealing. Starting from an animated title screen and ending with some spotless looking cars and buildings, the game gives a sense of realism that just a few games can trully offer. Beside this, there are also some nice sound effects that you might find to be fit for the theme of 3D Urban Madness.

3D Urban Madness is a 3D supercar game that is worth playing because of the great improvements that it brings to the idea of a free online car games. We hope you enjoyed this game as much as we did, and we also recommend that you play our other free driving games.