3D Rally Fever

Rally Fever is a new online 3D car game with rally dirt cars. Collect money and upgrade your car. Get better acceleration! Better Top Speed and the most important: Handling. Ken Block would be proud of what you are doing in this incredible car game!

Sit down comfortably and prepare for a new 3D car game: 3D Rally Fever. It is a game featuring realistic rally cars, an environment that is just right for this type of game and a game play that will make you forget the other online driving games for a while. So get ready for this new gaming experience and show the world what a good driver you are.

3D Rally Fever has 5 levels available for you and after each of these driving rounds, you'll be able to upgrade your car. The upgrades that are available in this free rally game are these: acceleration, top speed, braking and handling. They can be bought by using the money that you have collected during a level. That is if you managed to gather them, of course. If you don't take a chance and try to get the money, you won't be able to improve your vehicle.

In the game, on the right side of the screen you'll see a green bar. That shows you how much nitro you've got left. The content of the bar increases in time, as you continue to drive. This ability can be very useful at times, as it increases your speed for a short period of time. The nitro ability cannot be bought along with the other upgrades. So just drive and don't forget to use it once in a while. Also be careful not to hit the obstacles or the other cars because if you'll do that, your car will take damage and that can only finish the game. But even if you fail at some point, you can always restart the level.

3D Rally Fever is a cool free 3D driving game that every car games fan should try. It has a nice game play, good looking graphics and it gives you the opportunity to test your gaming skills a little more. Enjoy this online 3D car game and remember to try our other free car racing games.