3D LA Supercars

Lately, 3D driving games are some of the most popular online free car games. And because of this, we have created another cool 3D car game for you: 3D LA Supercars.

3D LA Supercars is one of the best game that you can find out there: it has really fast cars for you to drive, it has great scenery, nice music and an awesome game play. The purpose of the game is to drive across the levels without hitting too many obstacles and as few traffic cars as possible. There are four different levels prepared for you and four different supercars. Every time you'll finish a level, the money that you managed to gather while avoiding the obstacles, can be spent on upgrades. These upgrades will improve your car;s acceleration, top speed, handling and braking. Use your money wisely and enjoy driving your new upgraded car.

Unlike our other racing games for boys, this 3D Supercar game gives you the chance to accelerate and brake at will, by using the up and down arrow keys. If you feel like a level is too difficult, you can play the previous one every time you want. Each time you play a level, you will have the opportunity to earn more money that you can spend on upgrading your car.

Play this 3D flash game as much as you want, share it with your friends, and after you've had enough fun with it, take a minute and check out our other cool car games.