Adrenaline Supercars

Push your supercar to the limit and eliminate your targets in Adrenaline Supercars. You have to drive fast but also keep your car health if you want to finish the levels. Crash into your competition and take them off the road - enjoy playing Adrenaline Supercars!

Only those super perfect drivers who love racing on the edge and who can handle some really extreme speeds, while racing down the highway, can drive this beauty! If you think you're one of them, then test your car racing skills playing the adrenaline supercars and speed down on the highway at the wheel of this jaw-dropping supercar!

In order to make your adrenaline pumping race even more challenging, other equally speedy, lightweight sports car will be competing with your car on the highway, so you should get ready to have your driving and your racing abilities exercised to the maximum! Make your way through all those sports car, controlling your super car so it does not bump into your opponents' cars and hunt down your enemy cars, taking all that this challenges this coolonline car racing game has in store for you! What, did you think that this is just a mere car racing game, with one goal only, that of racing down the circuit? No sir, once you get the Adrenaline Supercars game started, you race your car like crazy down the circuit, you do your best to avoid all the otter competitors and you put all the efforts to chase down and actually bump into those highlighted adversary cars. Therefore, make sure you keep your car is in a killer shape, avoiding all the unnecessary crushing, and do your best to score points bumping into all the enemies you'll race against in this really intense car racing game. It sure is an adrenaline rising type of online car racing game, so expect to feel adrenaline rushing through your veins while you're putting your driving dexterity to this online test. Use your arrow keys to accelerate your car and make it reach some breathtaking speed and to steer it and make it slide among the other amazing sports cars speeding down the highway.

Get ready to live a really adrenaline rising car racing experience, playing the Adrenaline Supercars, and to have have your ego as a racer stroked, then, if you're even more decided to exercise your car racing skills and take another challenge, enjoy The Beetles, too!