Temple Rider

Temple Rider is a side view driving game that is fun to play even if you are a beginner. This game isn't like any other truck driving game, and the difference is made by its science fiction feeling, the colorful graphics and the nice little space car.

Temple Rider is an online side view game that is worth trying. Your purpose, as a player who likes to play free online car games, is to drive carefully on the strategically created tracks that get more and more intricate as you drive through the levels. The car can be controlled by pressing the arrow keys. The up key will make the car accelerate, while left and right arrows will help you balance the car so that it won't crush. 

Every level has a certain amount of time in which you'll have to get to the end of the track. There are lots of objects and obstacles that move around in the levels. Drive carefully without crushing and falling into a hole.

Temple Rider is a colorful side view driving game, with egyptian markings, a nice cloudy background image and one cool futuristic car. The driving tracks are made of pillars, stone blocks, grass, bridges and even flying objects.

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