Galactic Titans

Step into the future and show off your car racing skills competing against drivers from other galaxies in this fun intergalactic car racing game! Galactic Titans is your time travel machine, so get it started and see if you have what it takes to become the next best car racing champion of the future.

Ready to reach some adrenaline pumping speeds? Then you’re ready to compete in this fast paced super cars racing, too! Use your arrow keys to control your high powered car and speed it down the highway and do your best not not loose control over it, when you’re reaching extreme speed, for it might just bump into the other intergalactic cars racing for the finish line and might just cost you some precious time. Now, to double the fun and make this car racing game even more engaging, Galactic Titans challenges you to perfect your driving skills and hunt down the marked enemy supercars while rolling down the highways of the future! Therefore, it’s far more than just a basic race car game, it features tests such as avoiding other opponents' supercars or tracking down adversary cars that you need to take off the track, challenges that will spice up and add even more fun to this crazy intergalactic race! Don’t take your hand off the arrow keys, make your lightweight futuristic car speed down like crazy and win a place among the car racing titans of the future taking this fast paced car racing game as the ultimate challenge that will help you perfect your driving skills!

If you love supercars, if you’re drawn to extreme speed and you have a passion for all sorts of car driving challenges, then Galactic Titans is the game you've been looking for! Get behind the wheel of your high speed race car and compete in an intergalactic car racing championship, then if you’re still thirsty for adrenaline, try thespace colony driving game, too!