Biliards Drift

You might think that all online flash games are the same. But you should check this great game that combines the flash sport games with the well known free online car games. We present to you Billiards Drift, a game that you will enjoy even after you play it for the third time.

Billiards Drift is both an online pool game and a racing game. You might wonder how's that even possible. Well the game is set on a pool table and instead of following the general pool rules, you'll have to drive some fancy expensive cars and hit the balls. The car is to be controlled by pressing the arrow keys. At first, you'll only be able to drive one vehicle, but as you progress, the other cool cars will be unlocked for you, so don't forget to check that option once in a while.

As Billiards Drift is a game that needs good driving skills as well as lots of attention and ability to plan your movements ahead, the score will play an important role in this online pool game. You'll get points for almost every action, but if you'll plan ahead what you want to do next, you'll definitely get a higher score. There's also a list of achievements for you to unlock. Some of them are very easy to accomplish, others need some good skills and lots of practice.

Billiards Drift has a total of 12 levels available and each and every one of them is unique. At first you have to put a single ball into the socket, but later in the game you'll have to drive into several bouncy balls and also avoid the obstacles that are strategically set on your path to victory.

In conclusion, Billiards Drift is a very interesting and unique online pool driving game that is definitely worth playing. Play it as many times as you want and be the one with the highest score. Also don't forget to play our other online driving games.