Desert Racers

Not a single online racing game is like the other that you have already encountered. And you haven't really raced until you get to drive in a race that happens in the heat of the desert.

Desert Racers is a buggy racing game where you'll have to prove your professional driving skills in a series of dangerous races. Win them all and you'll be the champion that managed to defeat the heat and the sand that make these races so tricky. And you don't get to drive any car, but a little buggy vehicle resembling the karts that we all know.

If you feel like you did something wrong and you want to start the race again, you can just press the reset button. You can do this as many times as you want. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that the little nitro icons give you some temporary extra speed. Try to get as many as possible and you'll surely win, although the controls consist only of the arrow keys.

Desert Racers is a little game that you can play as often as you want. It's not a great game, but also not a boring and annoying one. Starting with the game play and finishing with the music, everything about this desert racing game is nice, although not something to remember after a long while. Play Desert Racers and after you have won every single race, try our other circuit 2 players racing games