Virtual Racer

You like free car games and you're sick of playing the same games over and over again? Well than you'll enjoy this online top view game. It is called Virtual Racer and it's a racing and crushing game that stands out because of the rather low budget graphics that it has. Usually, the free online game creators try to make their games as appealling as possible, both for the gameplay and the visuals. But Virtual Racer might not be one of those games that you just want to play over and over again. Or does it? Well that's up to the expectations of the player, I suppose.

The gameplay of this racing game is very simple, you just drive through the trafic cars and crush only into the targeted ones. There are 3 levels available for the player, and each one adds an extra target to destroy. If you drive on the road, your car will move pretty fast, but if you get out of the road and drive on the colored edge, the vehicle's speed will decrease.

Remember the old school games from the '90s, where everything was very colorful and simple? Well it's the case for this highway driving game too, except for the fact that it looks a bit messy and too many colors appear at once in one level. But with all these and even if it's not for everyone's taste, I guess it managed to stand out from the great mass of online car games. And the music works pretty well with the visuals and the gameplay, even if after a while it can become annoying. But there's always a sound button there, to save the day.

As a whole, this virtual driving game is not one of the best online vehicle games, but neither one of the worst. It looks rather interesting and a bit cheap, but at least the music fits the game, and the levels, intermediary images and the other elements of the game are obviously parts of the same whole.