Subject 21

In a maze of underground obstacles, our Subject 21 has to pass the test of driving his way out of there in order to escape the top secret research facility. Join the ride and run through all 14 tests of intense, timed challenges, that will test your driving skills and stamina. Prove you can win Subject 21's task with your wheels that can find their own path out! 

Do you think you have what it takes to complete some top secret car driving, major experiments and wear your code name, Subject 21, with pride? Then test your driving skills enjoying the subject 21 car skill driving game and get the most out of this ultra secret car driving experiment!

OK, Subject 21, as you can see, you're trapped in an underground, top secret research facility with the very first car driving task to complete! It's just one of the 14 tests prepared for you in this 3D Truck driving game, tests that you'll need to pass to prove to those researchers that, when it comes to driving your car and overcoming the obstacles on he circuit, no other driver could compete wit you! More than obstacles to overcome, when you're enjoying this challenging car driving game, there are also all sorts of tasks to fulfill, all sorts of objects to collect all while you're doing your best to drive your mini car to the exit in one one of those little underground mazes you find yourself in. It's up to you whether you choose to use your arrow keys or your W-A-S-D combination of keys on your keyboard for playing Subject 21. It's the result that counts the most and this should be that of steering, accelerating, stopping your car when you have to and perfecting your cornering techniques in order to squeeze your car through those passages and get out of all those intricate mazes in the research facility before you run out of time. Breathtaking speed or incredible drifts are not our top goals in this engaging car skill driving game, but perfect driving techniques are the skills you need to perfect in order to complete all the 14 levels and turn this to secrete research into a major success, your success!

Therefore, what do you think, Subject 21, are you read to enter the facility and drive your car through those challenging underground mazes covered with all sorts of obstacles to test your driving skills with? Then get the subject 21 car skill driving game started and respond to all those car driving challenges! After you improve your driving skills, how about perfecting your car racing skills, too, playing the Adrenaline Supercars now?