Skill Parking

We know this is called Skill Parking game but is way to difficult to be a parking game. When you read the name for the first time, you might think it's a parking game. But it's not. It's much more than that. Your goal for the first level is to park the truck backwards in the parking lot. After doing this, you'll have to load the truck with a bunch of yellow boxes that you can find in the level. You can do this by using the forklift. Be carefull because this parking game uses a vehicle that has rear wheel drive so it's possible for it to oversteer. If you are not used to rear wheel drive you can always drive it backwards.

When driving the truck, you'll have to keep an eye on the wheels because they won't return to the normal position when the control key is released. So what you should keep in mind when driving this particular car, is that you'll have to continuosly spin the steering wheel in orther to be able to drive the truck to the desired location.

This game is the first part of the series of free online games that will keep on coming, until they become obsolete. The second one is called CSCS Parking and you can find it published on our car racing site, on the Truck Games category that is on the site.

When you start the game, there is a chance that you will not finish the first level because the camera doesn't always switch focus to the forklift. If this happens, we appologize for the inconvenience. The solution is to restart the parking game.

When you'll finish all the 8 levels of this parking game, you can call yourself a real truck driver. If this kind of car parking game wasn't your type, you could aways try a supercar racing game or a drifting game. These are sideways driving games and they are generally more active than these kind of parking games that recently came out on the internet.