CSCS Parking

This is the second parking game in a awesome series that you can find on our car games site. It is called CSCS Parking and has improved since the last one: Skill Parking. If you play the first one you will find the similarities and also the upgrades. This particular parking game is harder than it's predecessor and much more complex. This is not even a parking game, it's more like an all-in-one car game. 

In the first level you have to attach the tuck's cab to the trailer and then load 4 boxes into the trailer. It's highly recommended that you start loading the truck from the back to the front (in every instance of this game). After doing that you have to drive the truck to the exit. Be careful because if the truck gets too damaged you will have to start all over again.

The good news is that level 2 isn't as hard as the first one but it isn't piece of cake. The task is to drive on a street for a while and then park it backward. After parking you have to unload two boxes in the spots and load two barrels.

You should keep in mind that all these instructions are written in window that pop up between the tasks. You should read them very careful and follow them in order to win the title of Truck Driver. 

The parking games are for players with much more patience in gaming. If you find all of these too complex for you maybe you should try one of our Tuning Games. If you are more like an action kind of guy you should try one of our Truck Games

Usually parking games are difficult as it is but parking a truck with a trailer attached, going backward just takes parking games to a different level. If you can finish Skill Parking you can call yourself a truck driver, but you you can nail all the 8 stages you can be a truck driver instructor and it means that you already finished all the parking games from all the car games sites.