Every game has a nice feature that the player enjoys, no matter the type of the game or how long it lasts. Free online flash games are pretty short and easy to play, but still very entertaining and popular lately. Flash car games are on the list of free of charge games and they are some of the coolest too.

S.O.S. or Save All Soldiers is one of these driving games. It is not one of the most complex car games, but also not too simple. At first, you might find the game pretty easy, but as you advance to the next level, the gameplay gets more and more difficult. The purpose of the game is to get to the enemy base entrance, save the soldiers that were taken prisoners by the terrorists and return to the entrance without being hit by the bombs that are indicated by the red dot.

In order to make a path and drive to the targeted bunker, you'll have to shoot the cars, tanks and barrels that are in your way. As enjoyable as shooting is, don't be too hasty with the gun because your ammunition is limited. Some of the destroyed obstacles leave behind extra health or ammo for you, but that doesn't mean that you can shoot and crush into the other cars constantly. But inevitably, at one point you will run out of ammo and you can either hit the obstacles and damage your car too, or you can reset the level from the lower left button.

Beside the nice gameplay, this shooting and driving game also looks very good, and the effects are realistic. The levels are carefully designed and the explosions make you want to shoot even more cars.

To complete this review, S.O.S. is a cool driving and shooting flash game and enjoyable even when you play it for the second or third time.