Deus Racer

Most of the world is ruled by a large supercountry, Eurasia.

A system of implants that improve a human's reflexes, agility and, in theory, intelligence has been designed here. The subjects are called Generation 1, or B07 (bots). They are an army of 
superpowered soldiers, meant to take over the world.

However, because of an unknown error in the implant system, all the Generation 1 bots started to lose their will, their personality and became mere puppets.Amadeus, once a mechanic, was one of the Generation 1 soldiers.

He was fortunate enough to be immune to the error. Because of this, he is now wanted for more experiments. His only hope is Dr. Sobek, an old friend and ex top-scientist of Eurasia who now guides Amadeus by satelite. You have to help Amadeus escape the country and start a new life.

Your code name: Amadeus, your mission: getting as far as possible from dammed Eurasia ruled by artificially created bots meant to take over the world!. Your big advantage: your car driving skills and a supercar to race down this highway of the future! Get the Deus Racer future car racing game started and flee out of this country, destroying everything/everyone who might stop you!

I have to warn you, though: it will surely not be an easy race, for sure, this challenging car racing game will worn you out as a driver, challenge your car racing skills and put your reaction times to a great test, not to mention that it could bring some serious damage, too, to your futuristic sports car! For accelerating down the highway and moving left or right, just use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Use them wisely, click them frenetically, and reach intense speeds, pushing your car's limits so that you should escape the menace hanging over you head as quickly as possible! Don't think that racing your like crazy down the road is enough, it would be waaaay to simple. The really challenging part of this high speed online car racing game is that your enemies, from Generation 1, will do their best to stop you from escaping Eurasia. They drive mass destructive, high speed cars, themselves, too, so make sure you click your Z, X, C, V keys and make use of all your ammunition to eliminate them from your way to absolute freedom! Race your car, fire like a madman while you're playing the Deus Racer future car racing game, but do it efficiently, too, destroying as many bots as possible and keeping your car in good shape so that you can get the chance of responding to the challenges we've prepared for you in this intense car shooting game's next levels, too!

Prove to those bots that Amadeus is invincible, that he has no rivals when it comes to racing his supercar and that no superior, artificially created being could match his driving skills. Play the Deus Racer 2 future car racing game and fulfill your mission!