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Free Online Car Games for Kids

Car games ca get pretty complicated so that's why this game (Toy Car) is destined for all the children that want to play online games. The controls are simple and the game is clean. What I mean by "clean" is that you can play the game in 2 modes and there are no useless features in the game like achievements or updates. This car game can be played by any child in the level mode or infinite mode. The level mode gives you a accelerate difficulty. Every second the game gets harder and harder and you can see what level are you at. The other mode is the infinite one and in that mode you can travel as much as possible and then compare your score to your friends' and see wich one is higher.

If you are not a kid and you are navigating on the internet like a boss, you can play some other online free flash Drag Racing game (with manual shift).

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