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Airplane Shooting game

Fly away in a supersonic fighter aircraft like Top Gun. This cool flash game offers the most fun you can have. Your afterburner is hard to catch but it can be damaged easily so be careful when you steer.

The instructions are easy, fly using the arrows and shoot with SPACE key.

Online car games are very popular lately and they offer loads of fun to the player. But once in a while you might feel the need to try something new. And what can be more refreshing than a plane shooting game?

Supersonic Force is a free driving game with planes that works pretty much like a normal car driving game. The difference is given by the obvious general idea of the game: flying planes that shoot at each other. This makes the game more entertaining than the other car games, where you just drive along with other vehicles.

In order to pass to the next level, the player will have to fly carefully among the other flying objects and shoot only the targeted planes. If you feel like you want to shoot every plane that's in your path, you should think twice before doing that. In a level you can destroy only a certain number of neutral planes. If you destroy more that the allowed amount, you will fail the level. So fly your plane peacefully by using the arrow keys.

In conclusion, Supersonic Force is a nice little plane game. You should play this online diving gameor these diving games online free. After you're done with playing this plane flying game, you should also take a peek at our highway driving games.

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