Name That Supercar

Name That Supercar is a quiz game with pictures of awesome cars. Can you guess a supercar by a single part of it?

You're a car enthusiast and there just aren't enough online car games that can feed your automotive hunger? Well that ends now because we are very proud to present to you Name That Supercar.

Name That Supercar is a free online car game where you have to recognize a series of about 50 different supercars. But not just by looking at an image and deciding what type of car you see. The image is covered by some tiles. Click them to reveal portions of the car image.

At the left side of the image you'll see 4 car name options. Click the one you think to be the correct answer. But be careful, don't just click around carelessly. In this particular online car game, every time you click a wrong name you'll lose 100 points. On the other hand, after choosing the right answer, every unrevealed tile will give you 10 points. So as you might have already noticed, it is better to reveal as few tiles as possible. But if you reveal just a couple of them and you still don't know the answer, it is better to continue clicking on the tiles than clicking on the wrong car name.

In conclusion, this free car game is just right for a car game fan. It's not boring, it's not too difficult and does not stress you out. You just have to click some buttons and listen to some relaxing music while doing this. Try to get the hightest score and share this free supercar game with your friends.

Name That Supercar is a flash car game that is just a rather small preview to an even greater car game: Name That Car. This second game can be downloaded and played on your android device. It is free and it has no less that 400 cars for you to name.

Every true petrolhead should play this trivia game. First you have to reaveal a few tiles that cover the car picture and when you figured it out, you have to select the manufacturer and model of the car. You may see cars like Lamborghini, Ferarri or Aston Martin and all the other cool ones. Have fun and share the score with your friends.