You haven't played a good car racing game in a long while? Well in that case, take a deep breath and try the latest car driving game from Shift.

Although not a very popular type of car game on the market yet, we are pretty sure that you'll enjoy Shift as much as we did. It is a drag racing game where you don't have to bother about driving safely and staying on the racing track. Here, in this car drag racing game, it is more about being able change gears at the most suitable moment, and thus win the race.

The controls are pretty simple once you get used to them. So this is what you'll have to do in this particular flash drag racing game: when the race begins, you'll need to accelerate by pressing the up arrow key and change gears by pressing the space button. But you should keep in mind that the tricky part is to press space only when the time is right, not sooner or later. In the bottom left corner of the screen, you'll see a RMP dial.

This 3D drag racing game has no less than 10 levels available. And every time you win a race, you'll unlock a new car that you can drive. Play Shift as many times as you want, bookmark us and don't forget to play our other online car racing games. Use it to your advantage. If you want to win the race, you should change gears only when the needle reaches the green zone.