Street Rally

This is the ultimate car racing game! It is called Street Rally and it's a free online version of some bigger game. This version is called Tokyo Edition and as you may have noticed, it's a competition on the streets of the "capital of drift" between you and a CPU.

In most of the games, the AI is easy to beat if you play with both hands and the only chance it's got is to go away from the keyboard and then it would win the race (except for the cases when it gets stuck in front of a wall).

You can choose between 3 cars: Ford Mustang , the good old Dodge Charger, and because we're in Japan, the epic Nissan Skyline. I hope that in the next car racing game, they will replace that last one with the Chevrolet Camaro or add the Chevy and Subaru Impreza. Then the team will be united again. Choose your car very carefully because every single one has a different way of driving on the race track. If you are a beginner, then I recommend the Nissan. It's got the most stabile configuration. 

After you choose your favorite car, you get to set the IQ of the CPU. I am referring to the difficulty level from the next splash screen. In the upper right corner you will find 3 racing modes.

This game is unique because of the way of driving and the look of the track. Tokyo looks like a great city do be having a drifting competition. Maybe this is the reason why Fast and Furious 3 was filmed there. And we should also remind that Jeremy Clarkson said about this city that the whole city is a racing track; and he is right. Have fun with this car racing game and don't forget to check out the other games on this site. If Street Rally: Tokyo Edition is a bit too hard for you then maybe you should try some other game from the menu in the left side.