Tropical Karting

You could keep on searching the internet for a better car racing game, but this one is the best: Tropical Karting. Have you ever heard of a better combination? It's a racing game that takes place on a tropical beach somewhere. Your kart has got bigger chances to win because it's faster than the opponent's. But you will also have to drive carefully.

Those Go-Karts have only 10 horsepower, but it's not an easy job to control one of these little vehicles. The steering wheel is a bit sharp and you will have to use it carefully. On a normal car, the steering is much smoother, but you could never go through a corner like you'd do with a kart. The most intense thing about this game is not the speed of the kart, but the race you have against the AI.

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Tropical Karting is fun because it is just a simple racing game and it has no annoying features that can go wrong. You will see here some small details that can make a free online game become a real karting game. One of the opponents really know how to drive and he will be very difficult to beat, especially in the third level of the game. In the upper part of the screen you will see the total time of the race, the level number, the current lap, the total laps, and a big logo.