Desk Rally

Would you like to perfect your racing skills on a totally different type of circuit than the ones you’ve been used to, controlling a totally different car than those racing cars you’ve been used to drive? Then play the Desk Rally racing game and drive your toy cars on an improvised office desk track, leaving your colleagues’ toy cars no chance to score a better time.

How can you steer and accelerate this tiny toy rally car and make your opponents grow green with envy? When it comes to controls, this engaging, fun car racing game is more than easy! Make sure to sharpen your reaction times and click the arrow keys on your keyboard precisely the very instant your tiny race car needs to turn or speed up down the desk clip-made circuit. Precision cornering is the key and amazing driving skills are a must when you’re enjoying this fun online racing game! The more levels you manage to complete while you’re enjoying Desk Rally, the more car racing game challenges you’ll have to respond to. Keep in mind that you have a defined time limit to consider, so put all the efforts to speed your little toy car and help it win the race in first position, outshining all the other tiny cars you’ll have to compete against, but mind it doesn’t bump into those objects on the desk, for you might just loose precious seconds of time and might just lose the stage!

Step into the office where fun never stops, getting the Desk Rally racing game started, and put your car racing skills to a test driving your on-screen toy cars against your desk colleagues' office toy cars. Once you’ve won all the races, measure your driving skills against other powerful opponents playing the speed busters racing game this time!