Speed Busters

Those traffic laws breakers are just about to learn their lesson! Step in the shoes of traffic policeman Dave, playing the speed busters racing game, and chase down all the drivers speeding down the highway with no consideration for the traffic rules and take them off the road, for they surely don’t belong there!

Now, let the speed busters’ hunt and this thrilling online racing game begin! Get behind the wheel of your police super car and start rolling down the highway, leaving no driver breaking the speed laws unpunished! Use your arrow keys to steer your car left and right, to accelerate it, making sure that you don’t bump into the cars of all the other drivers respecting the traffic rules, for it’s those exceeding the speed limit that you should chase down, when you’re playing the speed busters racing game, and make them learn their lesson. The moment you’re approaching a traffic delinquent, you will be notified by a flashing little on-screen arrow, informing you that a speed buster is right in front of you. Take down the targeted car and do your best to push it off the circuit and protect all the other drivers from those speed busters that are a true traffic menace for everyone. It’s really a fast paced, intense car racing game with a great introductive storyline and an amazing top view that will get you in the game’s atmosphere and make you feel as if you were actuall a policemen on a mission, racing down his police car to catch some dangerous, lousy drivers breaking the rules.

The road has never been a safer place than it’s now, when traffic policeman Dave is patrolling down the highway, making sure that no speed buster is left unpunished. Take your role really seriously, playing the speed busters car racing game and teach those traffic laws breakers the lesson of their lives! When the road is cleared of its bad drivers, how about taking another enemy chase type of mission playing the Space Colony racing game now?