Farm Race

How about some time off and taking a quick trip to the countryside? Still, don't expect to linger in the green grass or to have fun playing with the farm animals there, for it is a high speed race that you'll participate in there, a tractor race, to be more specific! The moment you start playing the farm race game you'll be finding yourself at the wheel of a little funny looking tractor, your one and only ally in this crazy tractor racing session at the farm!

Red is the color to focus your entire attention on, the moment you start playing this fun tractor racing game, for red is the color of the on-screen tractor that you're driving along that muddy track. Still, don't leave your blue opponent out of your sight, striving to score a better time then the other tractor and imposing yourself as the ultimate farm racer at the countryside! You need to rely on your four arrow keys when you're playing Farm Race, so use them to steer and accelerate your tractor, controlling it so that it doesn’t slide away from the circuit the moment it reaches those tricky curves. Learn to handle that crazy speed you'll reach during this challenging toys racing game for this big wheeled baby sure spins down like crazy and gets off the track the very instant you lose your focus and your skills to click the arrow keys like a pro'. Don't forget to keep count of the time, too, for you don't want the opponent you're measuring your driving skills against in Farm Race to score a better time than your little red tractor! It's a fun filled, original type of online bike games which will challenge you to sharpen your driving skills on a different, muddy type of circuit, changing the high speed race car you’ve used to drive online for an equally speedy tractor, the only one to handle this rough terrain at the farm.

Play the Farm Race and enjoy your adrenaline rising time spent at the countryside!