Speed Racers

Those naive opponents thought they can mess with you in a 5 lap race around the city. Show them what you are made of. Prove them that you own this car racing game. The enemies will try to push you into the oil spot or steel your energy. Make sure you don't fall into their trap. 

At some point, in this awesome car game you will see the other contestants cutting corners and driving over the grass. You will be very tempted to do the same, but you shouldn't. If the car slips on the grass, your speed will decrease considerably.

In the first level of this racing game you have to complete 5 laps and at the end of them make sure that no enemy is ahead of you. You should avoid bumping into the other cars because both of you will slow down and the whole scene just looks inappropriate.

In order to finish the level you have to gain 1000 points. You can do that by finishing the race on the first place or get on the second place twice. This is a bit odd, however you should try a tuning game instead. It's easier and does not need to download.

The Instructions are very easy. Accelerate with the UP arrow, steer with the LEFT/RIGHT keys, and brake by pressing the DOWN key. If the race starts and your car does not accelerate you should release the throttle and press it again. Don't give up just because the opponents are ahead of you one lap. Keep the chin up, there's no way back. In these difficult car driving games if you don't win you can't restart and play again. You have to hang out till the end or download the game.