Grid Racer

You like car racing games, but you haven't played one in a while? Then this a the perferct opportunity for you to try our latest free online racing game: Grid Racer.

Put your seat belt an and get ready for the rare. In Grid Racer there are 4 different levels available for you and 3 other opponents that you will race against. The first level should be pretty easy to win, so practice your driving skills on this one. As you progress, the game will become more and more difficult and the red player trickier to beat. So although you start on the fourth place, in the end you'll have to be the first one to cross the finish line.

The controls are simple: you only have to use the arrow keys and the purpose of Grid Racer, acool car racing game, is to finish the race on the first place. Every level will be longer than the last one, so stay focused and use the shortcuts in your favour.

Overall, Grid Racer is a great top view racing game that you should definetly try. The game play is nice and simple, the graphics are good looking and the music is just right for an online rally tracks game. If you enjoyed Grid Racer, you should also check out our other free driving games.