The Beetles

The Beetles is cool racing game with good looking little cars and a bit of an old school feeling. The game as a whole is one of the nicest of its type, having an accesible difficulty and a suitable music score. It doesn't just have cars and tracks to race on, but it also has a pretty nice story to tell.

The gameplay of this online beelte racing game is not a difficult one. All you have to do is drive your little Beetle around the racing track and win every race that the car racing game has in stock for you. Being a top view game, the car is pretty easy to control using the arrow keys. You just have to drive carefully and stay on the road. If somehow you drive by mistake outside of the racing track, your Beetle's acceleration speed will decrease and you'll lose precious time to your opponent. A good tool for almost every racing game is the nitro.

Here too, you can ocasionally find on the road little nitro capsules that gives the car some speed up for a few seconds. But be careful, the moment you're out of the track, you'll lose the extra speed. So drive carefully and don't get out of the racing track. The speed up ability can also affect the other contestant, so be sure to collect the red energy capsules before your opponent does.

Visually, The Beetles offers a pretty nice view for an old school racing game. The levels are colorful, but still offering a bit of realism to the game and the effects add that extra "thing" that makes the game complete. Another cool feature of the game is the story. Every race brings another opponent and every one of them has a meaningful name, like the "White Fury". So if you have the time, you should spent a couple of extra minutes and read the short story that unfolds between the levels, in "The Beetles" game. The nice visual effects include some cool sparkles that appear when the cars crush into each other and the dust that appears behind the cars when they're racing on a dirt track.

In conclusion, if you're a car racing game fan, than this game will offer you lots of fun. As simple as this online car game is, it has cars, nice tracks to race on, different opponents for every single race some nice graphics, cool visual effects and sounds that improve the overall atmosphere af the game.