Supreme Drifting

Get behind the wheel of this drift beauty and drift your way down the track, scoring points, reaching incredible speed and performing some breathtaking drifts, of course, playing Supreme Drifting! As long at you improve your car drifting skills, you get to upgrade your super race car, too, so get ready to burn some rubber on the circuit and do your best to win all the three races we challenge you with in this extreme car drifting game and unlock as many cool upgrades for your car as possible!

Now, a real car drifting games fan like you surely appreciates all those amazing upgrades you can give your drift car in order to speed down like lighting down the circuit am I right? Then don't miss the chance to tune your car as you wish. Picking it the some off road, standard, sport or super sport tires, then selecting the high powered engine, from the ones you have at your disposal in this extreme online drifting game, one that will guarantee you the chance to perform some spectacular drifts on the track. Once you've put together the super drift car of your fantasies, accelerate (using the right arrow key on your keyboard) and guide your can on the marked, yellow and red, lines on the track. It's them that will bring you the points your need to become the no.1 car drift racer of the championship you compete in when you're playing the supreme drifting game! Don't underestimate your opponent's car racing skills, though, we've done our best so that you can compete against some really experienced drift racers when you're enjoying this fun supercars tuning game, and challenge you to beat your own records. Also, keep ones thing in mined: Supreme Drifting it's not so much about scoring the best time, but about performing amazing car drifts, they'll bring you the points you need for unlocking all the great upgrades and jaw-dropping supercars to drift your way to the finish line!

Show off your drifting skills in this fun filled, super challenging online drifting game and show your adversaries that you can drift like no other on the track!