Dirt Racers

You were wondering what is the name of our new free NASCAR racing game? Well it is called Dirt Racers and it is one of the most entertaining games of all times.

Dirt Racers is a flash racing game that has nice gameplay, nice graphics, nice music. Everything is nice about this NASCAR game. But wait, we haven't told you what this car game is about. You are one of the dirt racers and you have to do your best to win all the dirt races. The controls are very simple: up arrow key accelerates, down arrow key brakes, left arrow key moves the car a bit to the left and the right arrow key moves it to the right.

In Dirt Racers, like in most of the free racing games, there is an objective that you'll have to accomplish. And that is to destroy the racers that don't respect the driving rules. Don't bump into every car that you'll see in front of you, because you will damage your car and you might even lose the race. Your targets will be marked so that you can recognize them immediately. But even so, the best way to destroy the NASCAR Drivers is to bump into them from the sides, not directly from the back nor stay in front of them.

We hope you enjoyed Dirt Racers because it is a cool online racing game. Share it with your friends, bookmark us and don't forget to check our other awesome free car games.