Space Drifting

Space Drifting is a new flash game from and it is just awesome. The main goal is to gain as much drifing points as possible. But keep in mind that you will still have to cross the finish line before your enemies will. This is called Space Drifting because this racing game takes place on the moon or some other planet.

If you feel like taking a ride on the moon get your engine running and check out this drifting game. If you liked this game please tell your friends about it and challenge them to beat your score. Of course you can't show them some leaderboard because this drifting game doesn't have one. You should just tell them how many drifting points have you got at this racing gameand they better belive you.

It's a hard job to drive a car while drifting because anything could go wrong. If your make a large drift you could end up in the exterior wall. Don't worry though because this is just a drifting game and you can't get hurt. This is the reason why you should never leave this car games website.

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