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Free car racing game

Mad Racers is a flash car game special made for racing champions. You can race in a supercar against other 4 virtual racers. One of the unique features of this game is the nitro. On the racing track you will see once in a while a nitro symbol. Go on and take the nitro and your speed will increase considerably. But be careful to dodge the oil spots from the racing track. The oil will slow you down and make your drift offroad.

The first level of this racing game takes place in a desert rally track. If you find yourself wondering wich one is you car, then I am glad to inform you that it's the white one with blue stripes from the lower left. You will have to complete 4 laps before the other ones do but the points you will get depend on the total time of the race.

Another fun racing game is this racing game, that we found lately. It is a bit similar to Mad Racers, but it seems a bit more complex, especially with the drifting.

If you are not a car racing games enthuziast maybe you will find this motorbike racing game intersting. It's called Drunk Rider but don't mind the name of this free online game. We know it's not the best one, you will find better ones on the flash games site but the game is awesome.

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