Underground Racers

Underground Racers is another great online circuit racing game that our site has just released. It is one of those simple free racing games that everyone loves to play in their spare time. At the beginning of each level you get to choose the car that you'll be racing with. Once you have decided what vehicle you like most, you can just click the play button and start driving. 

In order to race, in Underground Racers you have to use only the arrow keys. But don't get fooled the simplicity of this flash 3d racing game, because the opponents are fearless and they will try to win the race themselves no matter the cost. So what you have to do is to drive as best as you can, keep you speed constant and most important, stay on the racing track. Whenever you drive out of it or hit a wall, your speed will decrease and the other contestant will most likely manage to get ahead of you. 

Each level is more difficult than the previous one: the tracks get more and more intricate and the number of racing laps increase . But even so, I'm sure you are a very skillful driver and you'll manage to win every single race. 

Underground Racers is an online racing game that just can't stop playing. And a nice feature of the game is the reset button. Whenever you feel like you are about to lose, you just press this button and the race will start over. We hope you enjoyed Underground Racers and we also recommend that you play our other cool racing games.