Track Karting

Have you ever driven a Go-Kart? The sensation is phenomenal and when you are a kid, this is the closest you can get to a Formula1 Race. Improve your karting skills by winning all the races in this online car game.

I know that this game is called actually TracKarting but if you look closely at the vehicles you will notice that those seem to be toys on a playground. The game is very difficult because the track is small and it's impossible to overtake the opponent. The only chance to win this game is to get on the lead in the first lap and hold on tight to that position. Of course in the first level even if you get ahead of the opponent there's a chance that you will get stuck in one of the corners and the rest of the racers will just bump into you. If that happens don't be sad... We've all been there and there's nothing you can do. Just wait for 15 minutes or so, and the race will be over. If this sounds like a lot of wasted time for you, I recommend a good online racing game that doesn't stop or even if it does, there's a button that restarts the race. The car game I recommend was released about a month ago and it's called: Grid Racer. It has a bigger track and there's nothing that you can bump into. Usually the racing games have useless obstacles and slow cars but not ours. The car games on are so good that you can find them on any online games site. Before I stop bragging about our games, I have to tell you about a Supercar Racing Game on a very cool site. It's called Atomic Supercars and it is a very cool car game.

The instructions are easy and every kid can understand them. UP to accelerate the Kart, DOWN to brake and LEFT/RIGHT arrows to steer.