Red Racer

Online driving games are all about fun. Red Racer is pretty entertaining and we recommend it to you. The distinct feature this game has is the perspective of the game play. It is a top view driving game, but there's still a sense of perspective that makes you think about the good old long car games that you enjoy playing.

Red racer is a driving game that doesn't have exceptional graphics to present to you, as everything looks pretty old scholl and maybe too colorful. But this isn't necessarily a bad thing because if you enjoyed the games from the '90s, then you'll also enjoy this one.

On the other hand, the games play brings something new to every level. For example, the purpose of the first level is to get to the finish line in 2 minute, while for the second level, your target is to hit 5 white cars in the given amount of time.

The controls for this free driving game only include the arrow keys, so you shouldn't have trouble playing Red Racer.

In conclusion, Red racer is a decent, old school looking ambulance driving game that you should try. It is not the greatest online car game, but you should give it a try because of the game play and the nice feeling that this game offers. We also have other car games that you might enjoy, so don't be shy and check them out.