Star Car

This golden star sports car cannot be driven but by a highly skillful five star driver who can get her out of this maze-like circuit, but not before all the points scoring stars on the roadway haven’t been collected. If you think you have the driving skills to ride this beauty, then get behind the wheel and get the star car racing game started!

The controls are pretty basic in this car racing game: just use your arrow keys to turn your car left or right, to accelerate it, make it turn back till all the narrow, intricate roads of this mazelike track are scanned and all the shiny stars scattered there are collected. The moment you reach one of those precious stars, drive your car over and you’ll instantly win the points that will grant you the chance of getting to the next level of this highly addictive car skill driving gameand of putting your driving skills to even more challenging tests. Speed falls on the second place when you’re playing the Star Car racing game. It’s all about good cornering techniques and great driving skills! Drive carefully, press your arrow keys wisely so that your supercar doesn’t get off the track, take those tricky curves like a professional driver and collect all the golden stars on the roadway as you’re rolling down the maze-like circuit. The no. of collectable stars remaining is indicated to you on the bar there, on top of the screen, as well as the time left at your disposal, so keep a close eye on those two precious indicators, as you play this fun-filled online car racing game and do your best to gather as many stars as possible before you run out of time!

This is your chance of evaluating and perfecting your real driving skills. Seize it, playing the star car racing game, and racing your gold star car down this intricate maze-inspired circuit! After you’ve really sharpened your driving skills and you think you’re ready for an adrenaline pumping type of car race, too, get the Desert Jeep racing game started!