Desert Jeep

Race in the desert streets and eliminate your targets as soon as possible without damaging your car too much.

Now this is what I call a real driving challenge! If you’re 100% convinced that you have no rival when it comes racing down your car on the highway, rushing it to the finish line all while you’re doing your best to avoid the other racing cars on the track and to hunt down your opponents, than wait until you try the Desert Jeep racing game!

Once you find yourself on the highway crossing the sandy desert, at the wheel of a high powered 4x4 jeep, you instantly start feeling like the king of the road. Still, there are just a few driving skills challenging tests that you need to pass, playing this great monster truck racing game. Don’t get too excited about the intense speed you can reach while you’re accelerating your massive desert jeep! A good control of your 4x4 supercar is the key if you want to finish this circuit on time and with your jeep as little damaged as possible. Use your arrow keys and use them wisely when you’re playing the Desert Jeep car racing game, controlling your car monster truck so that it avoids the holes in the highway and the other cars rushing in through the dessert! Still, there’s more to this challenging car racing game than meets the eye! Any time now you’ll need to test your reaction times and the very instant you spot a targeted opponent car on the highway, do your best to hit it from the side, taking it off the road. Only the best driver can make it till the end in this fun monster truck racing game, so there’s no room for two or more kings on the road! Therefore, do your best to keep you dessert jeep in a great shape, avoiding bumping into other cars, avoiding those holes in the roadway, so that you can hunt down your rivals for the title of the best jeep racer in the desert.

Play the Dessert Jeep racing game and impose your 4x4 high powered car’s supremacy on the dessert crossing highway! Once you’ve tasted the adrenaline pumping sensation of driving a 4x4 super car, you’ll definitely what some more, so how about playing the Master Blaster now?