Epic Derby Race

Epic Derby Race is another cool top view driving game, where you have to advance to the next level by destroying a certain number of vehicle targets that you'll notice to appear in your way, along with the other cars from the traffic.

The car chasing game is situated in a derby racing environment where you get to drive one of those colorful cars with lots of stickers on them. To control the car you'll only have to press the arrow keys and in order to destroy the target, you'll just have to crash into it. The best way to do it is to hit it from the left or the right side because like this, your own car will take minimum damage from the impact. If you decide to bump into the target from behind, it's your choice. But your car will get some serious damage and the opponent will die quite hard.

These highway driving games are always fun to play because the game play is as easy as it can be, but still very catchy. Epic Derby Race has only three levels, but each one brings more targets for you to destroy. These specific cars are marked by a red spinning sign that you'll notice to appear under the car. If your car is too damaged, you can collect the health icons that appear once in a while on the road and the vehicle will be partially restored.

Epic Derby Race is a one of those free driving games that everyone likes because of its simplicity: the game play is easy to understand and thus the game can be played by anyone and the graphics and music are very trivial and easily likable.

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