Titans Delivery

Pizza delivery is not an easy job, especially when you have to deliver 2 or 3 pizzas and all the customers are expecting their order ASAP. Prepare for a lot of work because this is not an easy car driving game. The city is big and it will take a while to learn your way around. Take a close look at the shotcuts because there are a lot of them and you will save time and money. The point of the game is to reach the target shown it the "Tip-o-meter".

Titan's Delivery is a free driving game where you have to drive around in a small city and deliver pizza to the hungry citizens. This game is fun to play, it's free and will most likely keep you busy for a while.

All the action takes place in the same city and with every free pizza you deliver, the game will become more difficult. At first you'll have to deliver only one box, but as you progress, you'll see that you'll have to carry 2, 3 if you are skillful enough.

As the driving part begins, you'll see some instructions in the game, about how you should play Titan's Delivery. So here what you have to do in this driving game: first you have to go to the pizza building and get the free pizza. You just have to drive through the box, and you'll see it loaded on your car. Then, you'll have to get to the people who ordered it as soon as possible. To get there, just drive to the red arrow that appears near your car. The man who ordered will be recognizable by the glowing circle around him. Just drive inside the circle and the guy will come take his food off of your car.

On the right side of the screen, you'll see the tip-o-meter bar. The moment you load a free pizza in your car, you get a sum of money, depending on the distance at which you have to take the food. As you drive, you can see that the sum decreases, but the moment you arrive to the guy who ordered it, the sum will remain the same. So if you deliver the food faster, you'll get more money. When the tip bar gets to 100, you can call yourself a good driver and start delivering 2 pizzas instead of just one.

Just like in most of the other free car games, the controls are simple, meaning that you only have to use the arrow keys to move you car. Play Titan's Delivery as many times as you want, deliver as many pizzas as possible and also don't forget to check out our other free parking games.

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