Speed Bus

As a nice and entertainig car games website, we always have for you some of the best vehicle new games that are fun to play. And the cool game that we recently got is called Speed Bus. It's a driving game with a very interesting and unique feature. The thing that makes the difference between this and the rest of the highway racing games, is that you will have to keep the speed of the bus in a certain interval, that is marked with a green color on the speedometer icon.

If your speed is too high or too low there is a big chance the bus will explode. You may be wondering why would it explode and tear up like a piece of paper? Well the reason is that, unfotunatelly, "some" terrorists hijacked the bus and planted a bomb on it. This bomb detonates the moment the needle of the speedometer is out of the green zone. But you probably got that already, right?

The speedometer along with the green zone that defines the optimum speed is located on lower right part of the screen. Keep an eye on that speed needle, because the lives of the passengers are hanging on it. But it shouldn't be very difficult to do this, because in order to drive the bus, you only have to use the arrow keys on your keyboard and no other complicated special features.

This bus driving game has 3 levels prepared for you, and your special task here is to destroy some of the terrorist cars. They usually have a black car, which means they are pretty easy to spot among the other civilian cars. If by some chance you don't distinguish them from the others, some green lughted circles will appear on the suble left side of the car icon.

If you don't like that much this particular game, we can recommend another car game: one that is called Driving Game. That is a puzzle driving game with a Formula 1 style car trapped in a secret research facility, situated somewhere underground. Your job is to finish all the 14 levels and get out of there alive and as fast as possible.